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Fortunately for him, his closet's full of anthropomorphized old queens, ready to burst forth with songs and dating tips. But don't you dare call them fairies. When he reanimates and enlarges a giant frog , the AmbiguoBoys must stop him. So in Billy Wilder's classic tragedy of misplaced love and compromised emotions, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis do their darndest to convince us that they're falling all over themselves to nab Marilyn Monroe. Ace and Gary stop Bighead's and Queen Serena's evil scheme. Ace and Gary are oblivious to the suggestiveness in letters from their fans, who are mostly criminal convicts.

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Would a live-action Ambiguously Gay Duo movie work?


Like many blissful couples, these two ruffled each others' feathers upon first meeting. Brainio, and Steve Carell as Bighead. Cinderella weaves its magic and brings a fairy tale to life. It's the early '60s. Together, they plan on leaping into the tumultuous world of child adoption. Bighead is usually briefing his henchmen on a plot for some grandiose plan for world domination, interrupted by a debate as to whether or not Ace and Gary The Ambiguously Gay Duo are gay.

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Bighead enlists a Minneapolis-St. Oh, and they're mutants. Once the crime is in process, the police commissioner calls on the superheroes to save the day, often engaging in similar debates with the chief of police. Whether going full throttle in their cockpits or volleyballing in the sandpit, the boys were always trying to one-up each other. They were both individually packaged on a card but sold together in a set at the Entertainment Earth Catalog and website and at other toy and comic book stores as well. And no film in modern times has tackled the issue with as much realism and empathy as this Lorne Michaels melodrama. While Sam might play it straight in the Shire, he's the first out the door when his best buddy, Frodo, invites him on an all-male walking tour of Europe -- a "fellowship," if you will.

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