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Since his dramatic conversion experience age 20, Moby has thought long and hard about what it means to be a Christian. In Pictures - the story of love and romance: People love his music, but they wonder whether he might not be a bit of a phoney, too. Alongside music, the only other constant in his life has been his staunch commitment to veganism. Not the Christians who are carrying guns and waving Confederate flags and not the Christians who are advocating war, but in the quiet, humble people of faith — I get so much inspiration from that. He is an Unlikely Rock Star.

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Hotel isn't remotely difficult or challenging, but it doesn't half do its work. The top end of the album is loaded with singles. He was raised by his hippyish, English graduate single mother after his father's death in a car crash, and the house was full of books. Alongside music, the only other constant in his life has been his staunch commitment to veganism. Then, once you actually get into the record, the record is very personal, very emotional… "I'm particularly fascinated by the fact that hotels on one hand are these great anonymous public places but they are also really personal intimate spaces as well, and it's that paradox that one space, a hotel room, which is the most neutral, anonymous place in the world, becomes such an intimate space for so many people.

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As Jesus established, sometimes grace comes from very unexpected places. I started going to church, teaching Bible studies, going on Christian retreats, and sometimes that worked and sometimes it made me very uncomfortable. Clue to BPM count: It's more a desire, in a weird way, to fit in. He says different things to different interviewers. He's the only pop star on earth who could offer that excuse and be believed. But he wants to engage with matters of faith and take Jesus seriously.

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