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Instead, they say well, maybe… in the future. If it isn't obvious by now: Oh yeah, Dumbledore is gay! A Plea to Kill the Migos Hype. The new Star Wars films are doing well with racial representation, fielding increasingly diverse casts, but the one romantic pairing absolutely everybody wants to see from the movies — namely, a hot interstellar make-out sesh between Finn and Poe — has still not materialised. Maybe they'll do better in the Dumbledore-centric movie— Director: In yet another instance of social ignorance, she was criticized in when she introduced four new houses for American wizards.

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Dumbledore Will Not Be “Explicitly” Gay in New Harry Potter Movie

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Go here to find out more , or click the image below: And to make matters worse? The Crimes of Grindelwald. Meanwhile, Deadpool is purportedly pansexual and Ezra Miller is the first openly queer lead actor in a superhero franchise although he revealed last year that studio execs told him he had made a mistake in coming out. Suspicion is not confirmation. They fell in love with each other's ideas, and ideology and each other. Perhaps future Potter-related films will course-correct, and Dumbledore will finally be allowed to blossom into the homosexual man he has apparently been all along.

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Rowling revealed in that the Hogwarts School headmaster was gay after the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the final book in the boy wizard series. Quite how somebody is supposed to be gay without it ever being said, written or observed is for greater minds than mine to fathom, but this apparently throwaway comment duly entered Potter lore. That view didn't sit well with some fans, who tweeted their thoughts about it. As a self-proclaimed feminist, Rowling should be aware that supporting an alleged abuser is a poor move on her part, but her continuous support of Depp shows that she herself is hiding behind a facade. There are actually fans using the "being openly gay wouldn't make sense for the time period" argument re: She has also assured fans that there were Jewish students at Hogwarts, as well as wizards of other faiths, though none are ever specifically mentioned in the series.

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