Hindu gays are sacred

LGBT culture in Chennai. Some sources consider him to be the progeny of Shiva and Parvati, although conception occurs outside the womb. Doniger has been described as "being rude, crude and very lewd in the hallowed portals of Sanskrit Academics. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender fiction. The elephant-headed, wisdom god Ganesha 's conception has numerous versions. Modern written fiction Animation Graphic art category Webcomics Video games. He was originally born as a girl named 'Shikhandini' to Drupada , the king of Panchala.

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LGBT themes in Hindu mythology

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Queer manifestations of sexuality, though repressed socially, squeeze their way into the myths, legends and lore of the land. Balagangadhara , Saraha Claerhout, who have stated that the book is based on mistranslations and psychoanalytic misinterpretations. The scholarship of Wendy Doniger , which focuses on interpretation of Hindu texts through psychoanalysis, is similarly controversial and has been criticised. Shiva later becomes attracted to Mohini and spills his semen on the rocks which turn into gold. Gods change sex or manifest as an Avatar of the opposite sex in order to facilitate sexual congress. For example, Varuna fathered the sage Valmiki when his semen fell upon a termite mound, and Agastya and Vasistha were born from water pots after Mitra and Varuna discharged their semen in the presence of Urvasi.

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He cites another story to show that only Vishnu has the power to "enchant" Shiva: Humiliated, Amba undertook great austerities, and the gods granted her wish to be the cause of Bhishma's death. Amba was then reborn as Shikhandini. If they refuse, she punishes them: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The book stated that Ganesha 's trunk represented a flaccid penis and his love of sweets indicated a desire to perform homosexual oral sex. Journal of Indo-European Studies, vol.

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