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This rumor was quickly and vigorously refuted by Neil, who attributed it to the gossip press trying to imply that Spacey is gay, a thoroughly rampant rumor in its own right. This rumor proved essentially true, although Disco 4 would ultimately appear in October rather than late summer, and much to fans' surprise it would consist primarily of PSB remixes of tracks by other artists. The song was produced by Pet Shop Boys and featured Tennant on backing vocals. They are the pop act that art people love, the living blueprint for every frosty synth band ever to stand motionless behind a keyboard — although when off-duty Tennant and Lowe are tirelessly entertaining. They worked again with Dusty Springfield , on the singles " Nothing Has Been Proved " which was a song written for their soundtrack for the film Scandal about the Profumo political scandal in Britain and " In Private ". Word that they might release such an album wasn't surprising in and of itself, but rather that it might appear so soon after Disco 3.

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Pet Shop Boys


That " Closer to Heaven " contains a sample from an episode of Frasier Status: As for whether Neil had indeed been struck in the face—either by another person or in some sort of accident—probably no one knows for sure except Neil himself. It was even supposedly a prime candidate for her next single. Now they have arrived back where they started, returning to primal electro and hi-NRG octave basslines, and feeling remarkably modern with Electric in , their first post-Parlophone record on their own label x2. Rumors of the Pet Shop Boys breaking up seem to recur with remarkable regularity.

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Their apparent plan to produce a hit via rumor failed; the record stiffed. And the Pet Shop Boys are not an act. However, when they first began touring, in , they were heavily influenced by opera and theatre staging. So there you go. On 8 October , Pet Shop Boys released Disco 4 , the latest in their series of remix albums ; the fourth in the set differed in that it was largely made up of remixes, completed by Pet Shop Boys, of other artists' work over the past decade. This rumor has dogged them from the start. That " Closer to Heaven " contains a sample from an episode of Frasier Status:

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