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Sounds a lot like Hugh Hefner to me , or any number of rich dudes who like to bed much younger women, luring them with the trappings of power. Which is not to condone either behaviour, it's just the stench of homophobia vapours off so much of the reporting done on Roebuck since his suicide and that still informs a lot of the mainstream world's view of homosexuality. Choose the subscription that is right for you. However, if a year-old man approaches an older man on Facebook trying to win his favour, and the man, as Roebuck allegedly did, asks the young guy to " bring a stick in case I need to beat you ", I'd suggest he's very naive to not know there's a flirtation happening. Culture Gentrification is good and you should stop complaining Contains:

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Pertinently, as far as we were concerned, he mistrusted the English cricket media, which as Vic Marks, someone who knew him as well as anyone could, has said, was a mistake. Was this the dumbest joke of the year? Topics Peter Roebuck Sportblog. I think it was his curious, quizzical stance, his back arched as if his body shape was posing a question, and the fact that if you tried to talk to him when non-striker, he would turn away rather haughtily. Life On Mars Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone the truth Contains:

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The truth was that, beyond a bigoted few, people cared rather more about a lack of personal hygiene than his sexuality. You can follow him on Twitter here. Life On Mars There's a reason why you think you're right, even if you're wrong Contains: But read the brief account of Jim Maxwell, the Australian broadcaster whom Roebuck, faced with the prospect of a serious police charge and with officers present, had asked to come to his room, and you get a vivid picture of a tormented man, in need of support, but, with Maxwell asked to vacate the room after a matter of a few minutes to complete some formalities, being allowed none. I've read many of the eulogies and there is some extremely fine writing among them, as if something in Roebuck's departing has inspired authors to higher standards.

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