Transgender view buddhism

I can do it, as a kind of mental trick, but I don't really believe in it. Blue Red Minimal Poster All. Buddhism is only concerned with the practical matter of "what causes suffering and what is the solution? Care to specify for which situation and Buddhists you are wondering about specifically? I see no difference in any gender identity. Those offences that the nuns have in common with the monks are to be dealt with in the presence of the monks.

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Do Buddhists believe like some other people from some other religions that transgender people 'choose' or 'decide' to be transgender? Just because something sounds good and rational when you hear it doesn't mean it's correct or how things play out in reality. Submit a new link. In Buddhism would I be fully accepted as a woman just like a cisgender Buddhist woman or not? If there were no words, and you couldn't explain how you felt, and all humans were being sorted into male or female, you would be sorted as a male. At present Buddhists are divided over allowing the full ordination of women.

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Promoting a personal blog or website? Submit a new text post. If you keep your head down and try not to cause problems for others, then maybe people will feel more accepting. This will obviously vary by which sect is being questioned, especially whether a given school of thought is from an indigenous Eastern practice or a 'modernized' Western one. You are both a material and non-material thing; words help people to categorize and understand the world around them.

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