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It's mind blowing if done right. I wasn't designed mentally to be the guy out there sleeping with a lot of girls. Much later, after I'd travelled a good way round the world to have lunch with him, he took me to a peaceful lakeside shrine where, standing in front of a sign that read 'Quiet please meditation in progress' he loudly told me about the 'wild daytime monkey sex' he currently enjoys with his wife. How about the number? Still, he wouldn't want you to think he's boring. When I ask him if it's true though of course I am making this up that Ben Stiller's male model character Zoolander is based on him, he says boyishly:

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15 Unexpectedly Candid Tips For Straight Guys From Reddit's Gay Men


If you have no trouble walking into a public bathroom with your other friends, but wait until your gay friend is done before going in, we notice. Dysfunctional, promiscuous, incestuous, but tight knit - and very forgiving. Not only was there his French girlfriend back in New York, there were encounters on every photo shoot and at every stop along the way; as he says, 'the girls always seemed to need suntan lotion rubbed in somewhere'. The whole room would stop! Good times, I think. A lot of overlap here.

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There was Cindy Crawford, who wasn't complicated enough, and Helena Christensen, in whom he wasn't interested either. If he was looking up to me, I would be so distraught. The whole room would stop! But I never found it embarrassing. I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I'd never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man. But I'm also a hypocrite: He also manages a former model-turned-fighter, coaches his son's baseball and soccer teams, and is contemplating a new career in PR.

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